Love, love love them. I even worked for a few magazines in my 20’s and I have a bookshelf filled, organized and categorized with some of my most favorite issues from the last 10+ years.

You heard me right. I keep magazines like a record lover keeps their vinyl.

So after blogging for a while, I wanted to create something a little different than what I have seen out there in the online food blog world.

It seemed that when reading a blog post or a magazine, or news article these days, we just want to cut to the chase.  FAST. We want to see it, and know what we are getting/learning, NOW.


I’m even a blogger, and I rarely read the actually blog posts, but usually just go straight to the photos, chart, recipe or tip.

It’s not a shocker that those Gift Guides, Style Guides or Must Haves Lists are so popular.  They are visual and to the point.

So I created a cut to the chase, if you will, digital food magazine. This magazine is filled with all the good stuff you love in a magazine and not pages and pages of ads or wordy fluff!

Beautiful photos, graphics, charts, must haves, tips, simple recipes, podcasts and videos.  Yep and with the digital format, I can include a podcast and video in the magazine with a simple click of a button.

It’s super rad.  I cannot wait for you to check it out!!!

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